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The pressure on operational teams to have digital services up at all times and perform to perfection is higher than ever. Customers expect no less in the always-on economy we live in. Not providing them with the best possible customer experience will definitely result in a lost customer, as switching to a competitor is fast and easy. These expectations set a challenging requirement for your operational teams to have a perfect understanding of each component in the service stack, all inter-component dependencies, and their potential impact on the customer’s digital service experience.

Over the years, companies have invested plenty of money and time in multiple purpose-fit tools to monitor the different components and services in their infrastructure. Unfortunately, this approach did not bring the expected results. They were mostly implemented in siloed environments, with siloed teams and alerts on isolated problems, often ending in the finger-pointing blame game. To avoid the problems of siloed monitoring, we must start building with observability in mind. Guided by business-driven KPIs, observability is the practice of constructing full service stacks, mapping the different components and interrelationships that make up the digital service fabric.

Our Application Insights Services managed service delivers our customers a new way to manage business-critical digital services, based on a business-driven approach and with customer experience as the main KPI. The service is designed to detect and solve problems more efficiently or to prevent them altogether. It enables infrastructure, operations and development teams to see and understand not only the performance of their components, but also the relations and impact of their components in the context of the full-service stack. Using this full-service stack observability approach generates actionable insights that allow to detect and respond to incidents in split seconds, dramatically reducing the so important MTTR.

A holistic service view enables end-to-end visibility and is a holistic approach to digital service monitoring.


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