Do you have the right use cases in place to detect attacks across the kill chain?

We are currently offering more than 250 use cases in our library and servicing 15TB of data on a daily basis.

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When building the defensive layer as part of your overall cybersecurity strategy, implementing a successful SIEM is key. A SIEM platform provides a central place to detect and manage security incidents. Unfortunately, we have witnessed many failed SIEM projects that are expensive, labor intensive, and completely ineffective. For many, the initial setup already became a struggle because they didn’t have an easy way to quickly understand the relevant use cases in the context of the digital services they were protecting.

Selecting the right use cases is a challenge, but more importantly, tuning and managing use cases while they are active is even a bigger challenge. Thousands of known use cases sound great, but you need a pragmatic way to select those that are important to you. You cannot run them all. Therefore, a methodical, structured process to identify applicable use cases is essential to quickly get value from your SIEM investment and maintain that value for years to come.

Our Use Case Discovery service provides our customers with a multi vector library of use cases and processes to launch and maintain a successful SIEM solution. Based on one or more parameters, e.g., budget, threat profile, compliance requirements, attack vector, adversary, data availability, etc. we guide you through the complex use case selection process. In addition, Use Case Discovery delivers a proven set of documentation templates and processes for customers to use. Through an initial workshop and followed by periodic update sessions, customers will be able to fully realize the value from their SIEM investments.

Fast identification of relevant security use cases to monitor and detect active threats against your digital services.


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