Breach & Attack Simulation (BAS)

Having security measures in place is one thing, but are you certain they will work when things get serious?

53% of IT Leaders don't know if their cybersecurity is working

Ponemon Institute, July 2019

Organizations today invest heavily in security controls and empowered security teams, but how can you be sure that they actually
yield the right results, protecting your environment always and everywhere? Until recently, only a limited number of methods were
available for blue teams to structurally test their capabilities in realistic scenarios.

While red teaming exercises cover end-to-end testing to test detection and response capabilities, these tests typically cover only a
limited number of scenarios and are conducted as one-off projects. Large environments are constantly changing and a SIEM use
case implemented today, might be broken tomorrow.

Davinsi Labs has developed attack simulation services to strengthen our red teaming services and to help our customers build the
capability to continuously validate both proactive and reactive security controls work as designed.

With this service, we safely execute the same actions that attackers would typically use in the different stages of a genuine attack.
By triggering these same actions, blue teams can check whether these actions are detected or blocked by their defenses and
become familiar with recognizing a large variety of attacks.

Validate cyber readiness through continuous validation of all your enterprise security controls, processes and people. Measuresecurity return on investment.


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“Using AttackIQ’s continuous validation methodology, organizations can assess current toolchain effectiveness and can easily identify regressions and track improvements over time.”

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