Digital service vulnerabilities: managed and under control

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As modern networks evolve, the risk exposure changes quickly. The number of digital services grows exponentially and companies have to deal with lots of newly discovered vulnerabilities. In addition, the company network is constantly evolving and new technologies such as virtualization, docker and cloud require new security assessment methods.

Security teams today face a major challenge to stay ahead and keep up with the growing number of vulnerabilities.
It sometimes feels like a never-ending battle, but overcoming risk is possible by understanding it.
In this webinar we’ll explain how.

Vulnerability risk management provides in-depth information on the actual security status of your digital services, reveals where the weakest links are, prioritizes and streamlines the remediation of the vulnerabilities in your organization. Vulnerabilities are identified, assessed, prioritized and remedied based on the risk they pose to your organization.

Davinsi Labs and our partner Rapid7 organized this webinar.

Topics in this webinar:

  • Collect data across your ecosystem;
  • Gain visibility into your vulnerabilities;
  • Prioritize using attacker analysis;
  • Collect your vulnerability data and turn it into answers with Insight VM;
  • Secure, optimize, and gain visibility into your container infrastructure;
  • Benefit from the comfort of managed vulnerability risk management.



10:00 Bob Ruts

10:15 Koen Bossaert

10:30 Pieter Vanlerberghe

10:55 Q&A

11:00 end

Speaking at the event

Bob Ruts

Founder & CTO
Davinsi Labs

Koen Bossaert

Co-founder & Solution Lead
Vulnerability Management
Davinsi Labs

Pieter Vanlerberghe

Lead Security Solutions Engineer


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Date & Time
10:00 am
11:00 am
Online Event
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