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Digital services have to be safe, available 24/7, fast, and so on. Requirements of users and of the company board are higher than ever. Many digital services are business-critical and there is no margin for errors.

At Davinsi Labs, our mission is to assist our customers with their quest for Digital Service Excellence through in-depth intelligence and advanced data analytics. To achieve this level of service quality, two emotions of users of your digital services need to be at the highest level: trust and experience.

If you want users to trust your digital service, they need to have 100% assurance their data and their digital lifestyle are protected at all times when using your service. The Security Intelligence services in our managed services portfolio all contribute to deserving and safeguarding that so hard-earned trust.

For users to have the best experience possible, you will not only have to outperform competitors on features or charm internal users with options, but you also better make sure that the digital service is available at all times, has excellent performance, and works flawlessly. The Service Intelligence services in our managed services portfolio all aid in reaching and maintaining that highest service quality level, providing that unique user experience that transforms users into your biggest advocates.

The Davinsi Labs managed services portfolio is a carefully selected and defined list of services to support our mission of helping customers to achieve Digital Service Excellence. We aim to cover the Security Intelligence and Service Intelligence needs for both enterprise and mid-size customers.

In this webinar, we explain how we unburden you with our managed services:

  • No more operational hassle by outsourcing end-to-end monitoring and the maintenance of the entire service stack.
  • 24×7 peace of mind by proactively monitoring your environment.
  • Real-time visibility by providing insights and a clear view on incidents and other critical information concerning your services.
  • Proximity in specific by a local, dedicated account team ensuring a short escalation path.

Speaking at the event

Philippe Meerbergen

Solution architect

Davinsi Labs

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