One step by mankind, 100 steps by automation

The world we live in is digital: remote work, mobile banking, online shopping, AI, IOT, big data,…
Digital transformation is everywhere.
For some organizations the shift to remote work has been a rollercoaster to accelerate this process, while others are already mature. In today’s digital world trust and experience are key elements. The security of your organization’s data and the user experience are critical.
Not easy with hundreds of tools and endless data streams, but automation is the answer.

Orchestration, automation and response technologies enable organizations to efficiently observe, understand, decide upon and act on security or operational events.
Security Intelligence helps you prioritize, understand risks, allocate resources, discover threats, investigate incidents, automate actions and much more to secure your organization’s data. On the other hand you have Service Intelligence and Digital Experience Monitoring to keep pace with your users. Since users drive your services, make sure they get a great experience.

In this webinar we’ll bring these 2 worlds of Security and Service Intelligence together and we’ll focus on how automation can empower both your organization’s security challenges and optimize the user experience of your digital services with the help of Splunk.

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Date & Time
10:00 am
11:00 am
Online Event
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