Security Assessments

Security Assessments

Organizations invest heavily in security controls and empowered security teams, but how can you ensure they reach the intended results to achieve a secure environment anytime, anywhere?

What’s the status of your security approach?

How mature is your cybersecurity approach? Are you sure that your cybersecurity strategy works when it needs to? What are your most significant risks, and where do you have to focus? With security assessments, you get insight into your current security level and your organization's resilience.


Ethical hacking and the hacker mentality

Security testing is a specific niche built on a sophisticated set of tasks. It doesn’t only require knowledge of and experience with the specific technologies of the assets in the scope of the security assessment or test. Still, it also requires the right mindset, the hacker mentality. Hacking is a profession where ethics is critical. As a customer, you want to test the security of a component, but you want to limit the test to this scope only. Our security testers respect the legal and ethical boundaries of the assessment. Our consultants are professionals: they are certified, vetted, cleared and integer.


Insight into your current security posture

We have a strong focus and rich experience in Security Intelligence and Vulnerability Management Services. By focusing on these niches, we can differentiate ourselves and invest heavily to improve our security assessments of Penetration testing, DDoS simulation, Phishing campaigns, and Red Teaming. Our consultants have several years of experience testing application and network security based on a wide variety of technology and organizations in different sectors and sizes. A security assessment aims to provide insight into your current security posture and obtain an objective review of your cybersecurity approach. Security assessments help your organization develop tactical and strategic directions to further develop and strengthen your security program efforts.

Security assessments provide insight into your current security level and your organization's resilience.

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