Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

Identify, quantify, and prioritize security vulnerabilities for dynamic (web) applications and digital services.

According to the Verizon DBIR 2019 report 62% of breaches and 39% of incidents occur at the web application layer.

Secure the modern web

In today’s digital revolution, web app technology is evolving at a tremendous pace. These applications are often business-critical, and you must ensure that all user data is safe. Dynamic Application Security Testing automatically assesses modern web apps and API’s to ensure the security of your applications, resulting in fewer false positives and missed vulnerabilities.

Guarantee the continuity of your web apps

A Dynamic Application Security Test is a test that mimics an attack on a web app in a controlled fashion to find security weaknesses, potentially gaining access to the app and the data it hosts. The process involves identifying the target systems, obtaining then contextual and technical information, followed by vulnerability identification and validation phases. Potential solutions are documented to assist in helping the organization to mitigate the

Dynamic Application Security Testing - Automated testing with DAST

Dynamic application security testing (DAST) tools interact with web applications to test them automatically. This solution interfaces with a live web application, just like a user – or a penetration tester – would do, to detect many types of vulnerabilities. Scans can be scheduled or triggered from, e.g., CI/CD automation tools while feeding back vulnerability information to bug tracking systems. Developers will regain full control over their SDLC, instead of having to hand over security testing tasks to an external team.

DAST scales web application testing to large and agile environments and gives the security testing process back in the hands of developers, who need to be fully in control of their CI/CD pipeline.

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"Attack Replay saves me a lot of time. Developers don’t ask me nearly as often to run additional scans to test a new security bug patch—instead they can test it directly from the vulnerability report."

Sr. IT Security Staff, Leading Hardware Manufacturer