Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment

Do you know which vulnerabilities are most important to spend your precious resources on?

"On average, about 1500 new vulnerabilities are discovered each month and published in the National Vulnerability Database."

Find and fix thousands of vulnerabilities

You can only decide what to fix if you can identify all assets and their vulnerabilities. That’s easier said than done: there’s a lot of data to analyze, and you have to pick your battles. An Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment helps you to assess and harden the crown jewels of your organization.

Changing environments and efficient use of resources

As new technologies such as virtualization, containerization, and cloud infrastructure bring their own technical challenges in how these assets can be scanned, you want an infrastructure vulnerability scanner that can handle these evolutions without compromising on results. When all vulnerability data is available, the bigger challenge is to get the operational teams involved and to make sure they spend their precious time working efficiently on the right things.

Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment: a risk-based approach

The way users and operational teams can consume the vulnerability data is of great influence on their collaboration and getting things done. To this end, our solution provides user-customizable live dashboards to inspect their data from their own perspective. Contextual data assist in analyzing vulnerabilities, and in determining the actions that yield the best risk reduction. With a dashboard on hand that provides vulnerability and remediation information, prioritized for your specific business, teams can now work on the right things and know what actions to take.

Successful infrastructure vulnerability management starts with obtaining visibility on all assets and their vulnerabilities.

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