Vulnerability Risk Management

With thousands of newly discovered vulnerabilities each year, one can easily estimate the size of this challenge when managing a business-critical digital service. Vulnerability Risk Management provides in-depth information on the actual security status of your digital service, reveals where the weakest links are and how to fix them. Visibility into the vulnerabilities of your IT environment is essential to protect the crown jewels of your organization.

Flaws are everywhere

A vulnerability is a weakness found in a software program, which can be exploited to perform unauthorized actions within a
computer system. Software development is not a perfect process, and it never will be. Developers are not always used to thinking
safety first, and even when they are, it is impossible to think of everything upfront. They do their best to design secure products
but may not be able to unveil all hidden weaknesses before an anticipated release date. As a result, code will always be
inherently flawed, and vulnerabilities exist in all types of software.


Cat and mouse game

Attackers are persistent in their quest to outsmart developers by punching holes in their code, and it can feel like a never-ending
battle. This battle is being fought even more fiercely now that IT has involved from simple standalone systems into a complex
network of connected services. These services consist of different systems either developed in-house or sourced from different
vendors, with each component fulfilling its specific task in the overall service architecture. Keeping this heterogeneous
environment operational and protected has shown to be a massive challenge.


Vulnerability Risk Management

Vulnerability Risk Management is the process of identifying, assessing, prioritising and remediating vulnerabilities based on the risk they pose to your organisation. We need a platform that is not only able to discover all the vulnerabilities within your constantly changing and heterogeneous IT environment, but also provides the capabilities required for vulnerability prioritisation and remediation. The wrong solution could leave you scrambling to keep up with endless lists of non- prioritized vulnerabilities, or worse, give you a false sense of security. The key to success lies in implementing an end-to-end vulnerability and patch management process that allows you to monitor progress in terms of risk reduction.


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