Service Intelligence

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There’s no escaping the dizzying swirl of rhetoric around ‘digital transformation’. Although the shape of this change doesn’t particularly deviate from any others, it feels different. All change, independently if it concerns technology, companies, or society, starts off in a time of maturity where all quite agree upon a status quo. But that’s where disruption starts, new ways of thinking or doing germinate. Before you realize it, we are evolving into a new time, a new way, or a completely new era. Is the digital transformation different from the Information or the Industrial Revolution? It isn’t! So why does it feel different? It’s its speed! You’ve certainly experienced this accelerating change, and the challenges following its footsteps might pile up quicker than you like. Emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, and big data are changing the way we work and live, shifting demographics result in diverse and international teams, demanding flexible work hours and work locations. On top of that, you’re not alone facing these challenges, so we’ve altogether created a major third one: the war on talent.

In this context, our Service Intelligence practice helps you excel in delivering a great experience to your customers using your digital services. Making sure they respond instantly, anytime, anywhere. Service Intelligence provides you the building blocks to achieve end-to-end insights into your services so you can observe them, make founded decisions, and help you accelerate further actions.

Application Insights Services

The customer is in control. (Un)happy customers are loud.
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Technology Monitoring Services

Are you in control of your infrastructure or is it controlling your agenda?
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Automated Response

Beat today’s challenges of IT teams of a faster, flawless, and transparent digital user experience with automation.
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