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Any value of service availability uptime below 99% is considered bad. But that doesn’t mean any value above 99% is good.
Sentinel One – Blog 2021

Manual incident response doesn’t pay

Manual incident response workflows are time-consuming, error-prone and energy-consuming for ITOps, DevOps and NOC teams, but are usually a daily reality. Most engineers don’t like to wake up at night during on-call for minor issues or false-positives, but don’t mind getting up for the real, complex issues. In addition, every minute of downtime is detrimental to the business and can lead to lost or dissatisfied customers.


Avoid wasting time with automated response

Today too much time is wasted firefighting event storms, implementing workarounds, trying to switch things off and on again…

IT workflows face several challenges:

  • Manual IT ticket creation: it takes a lot of time to create each ticket manually, including all relevant details and information. Once it’s done, sometimes it’s already too late.
  • Efficiency in incident notifications: In the event of an IT incident, communication must be fast and efficient. You don’t want to waste time manually sharing information with often multiple notification and communication tools. Often teams work on the same problem without knowing it. You may already have an outage by the time the ticket is created and the necessary teams have been notified of a critical incident.
  • Manual incident triage: Critical business context is crucial to estimate the impact of IT incidents and perform triage. When something happens, you don’t want to waste time doing manual work like gathering information, runbooks and calculating business metrics. This leads to a longer triage phase and longer downtime and MTTR. 


Automation in IT Ops creates space for proactivity instead of manual work

By automating the actions and measures to prevent outages or enhance experience, your teams will have more time to solve the root cause, further develop and accelerate the growth of your service and accelerate their capabilities to face the next change or challenge, that is probably already lurking around the corner.

Automated response turns manual tasks into automated workflows, creating space for proactivity and a seamless experience for IT operations teams.

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