The world we live in is digital: remote and hybrid working, mobile banking, online shopping, AI, IoT, big data,… Digital transformation is everywhere, at work and at home. In today’s digital world trust and experience are two key elements for the users of your digital services. That’s why the security of your organization’s data and an excellent digital user experience are critical. 


Splunk has created a whitepaper that outlines 10 essential capabilities that should be top-of-mind when evaluating SOAR technology. You can download this whitepaper here.

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IT and DevOps teams are feeling pressure from all sides of the business to innovate faster, keep services reliable and deliver exceptional customer experiences. That’s not easy with hundreds of tools and endless data streams, but automation is the answer. 

Orchestration, automation, and response technologies enable organizations to efficiently observe, understand, decide, and act upon security or (IT) operational events. Security Intelligence helps you prioritize, understand risks, allocate resources, discover threats, investigate incidents, automate actions, and much more to secure your organization’s data. On the other hand, you need Service Intelligence and digital experience monitoring to keep pace with the needs of your users. 

Since users drive your services, make sure they get a great experience.

Data is extremely powerful, but only if you do something with it. The data-to-everything platform of Splunk helps you turn real-time data into doing by making data accessible, usable, and valuable. 


Protect your business with data-driven security

With a cyber attack occurring every 39 seconds or an average of 2.244 attacks per day (Source: research done by the University of Maryland), organizations cannot keep up with the attackers. As attackers operate at machine speed 24/7, it is time for an automated response. The intelligence of machines is needed to cope with the overwhelming flow of security events. Computers do not suffer from alert fatigue and perform an adequate automated and orchestrated response. Security Intelligence delivers you the necessary tools to stay ahead of attackers. With Splunk SOAR, SOC teams can save time, work smarter, and focus on the bigger issues:

No more repetitive tasks with the use of automated playbooks to orchestrate and execute action. 

Lower your mean time to detect, triage, and respond to threats from hours to seconds. Security incidents are triaged much faster with automated detection, investigation, and response.

Defenses are strengthened by connecting and coordinating complex workflows across your tools and teams.


How automation can optimize user experience of your digital services

Download our webinar together with Splunk to learn how automation can optimize the user experience of your digital services and make sure they respond instantly, anytime, anywhere.

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Excellent user experiences with AIOps

Digital services are an integral part of our lives. We use them from the moment we wake up until we go to sleep. They are indispensable in our lives, both professionally and personally. So, they better work flawlessly. End users and consumers today expect an excellent digital experience of the digital services that they use. If they do not find this, competitors are just a (mouse) click away.

With the growing impact of digital services on the daily lives of end consumers, it is no longer enough to know that every part of your service is simply ‘up and running’. You also need to have perfect insight into how those parts are performing, what their dependencies are, and what their impact is on your service quality. With Service Intelligence, you monitor the digital service you provide, focusing on the optimal experience for your customers.

The Davinsi Labs Service Intelligence managed services together with Splunk’s IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) help you excel in delivering a great experience to customers using your digital services. Making sure they respond instantly, anytime, anywhere.

Curious about the resilience of your applications?

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