Our unique focus on security intelligence allows us to pursue a level of excellence otherwise out of reach. The same excellence drives our professional service teams to perform to the best of their abilities every single day.

Different service programs are available to suit your needs:


For Premium Solution projects.

If you select a Davinsi Labs Premium Solution as your preferred platform, we can be your turnkey integrator for the entire project. Or you can select those phases where you believe we will add the most value. We will guide you through the analysis&design phase, help you configure the platform and deploy it into the organisation. After the deployment our “Managed Operations” and renowned “Coaching & Goal Management” services will make sure you get every bit of value from your investment.


For platform independent services.

If you are about to deploy a security intelligence platform, or have already deployed a platform, but just are not getting the value from it, our consulting services can be the missing link for a successful security intelligence investment. Depending on the stage you are in we can assist with technology selection, design your upcoming deployment, audit existing deployments or add our many years of experience to the team’s knowledge pool.


For Security Intelligence training.

The fast pace and the continuous change in our industry challenges all of us to keep up. It requires ongoing education to stay ahead of the game and maintain or increase your market value. Using a combination of on-site and virtual classrooms, the academy provides an executive and operational level learning path to become an expert in security intelligence solutions.