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Davinsi Labs Technology Services help customers to select, design, deploy, configure and run a specific solution on top of our supported technology platforms (as provided by our Technology Partners).

Please find below an overview of the different Technology Services we offer:

Event Log Management

Direct access to all your security and application event logs from a central, scalable and easy to search platform.

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Security Information & Event Management

Real-time threat detection, compliance and incident management through collection and analysis of security events.

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User Behavior Analytics

Detect insider threats, targeted attacks and financial fraude by looking at patterns of user and entity behavior.

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Service Stack Analysis

Understand, monitor and manage digital service performance and availability throughout the entire application stack.

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Infrastructure Vulnerability Management

Identify, quantify and prioritize security vulnerabilities for (discovered) active assets in your ICT infrastructure.

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Security Configuration Management

Collect and evaluate security configuration data to manage compliance with hardening guidelines and best practices.

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Dynamic Application Security Testing

Identify, quantify and prioritize security vulnerabilities for dynamic (web-)applications and digital services.

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Breach and Attack Simulations

Validate cyber readiness through continuous validation of all your enterprise security controls, processes and people.

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Security Automation, Orchestration & Response

Improve the time to investigate, respond to and resolve security incidents though automated actions and playbooks.

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