Privacy Policy 

Davinsi Labs NV understands that privacy is very important for you, and we do our best to respect it. That is why your personal data is only used by Davinsi Labs NV. It is never passed on, without your prior consent, to third parties for commercial  purposes. The sections below details how Davinsi Labs NV handles your personal data when you use our services and when you visit our  website. 

Collection and use of personal data 

If you want to use our services, you may be asked for some personal data, such as your first and last name, address, e-mail address, telephone  number and mobile number. We may also ask for other data which we need to deliver the service, such as specific preferences and requirements  related to the service concerned. 

Personal data can be collected through various channels: e.g. orally, by telephone or in writing. We can collect your personal data when you  place an order or ask us for information. 

The personal data you enter via these different channels is stored in files held by Davinsi Labs NV under public law (Borsbeeksebrug 28, 2600  Antwerp, Belgium). This data is used for delivering the required service or information to you, for establishing the connection with the electronic  communication networks of other operators, for billing, for customer administration, for internal reporting purposes. All the data we collect can be  combined to create your profile and better adapt our offers to your personal needs. 

If you do not wish to receive any information about our products and services, you can find out how to prevent this in the “Your privacy preference” section. 

The personal data is stored for up to 10 years after a person has ceased to be a Davinsi Labs NV customer. 

Protection of personal data 

We have taken technical and organizational measures to protect the databases in which your data is kept against unauthorized access, unauthorized use, theft or loss. Our security measures are regularly evaluated and adapted so that we can continue to provide high level  protection. 

Disclosure of personal data to third parties 

We may make some of our databases accessible to third parties working for us and assisting us with the performance of our tasks and marketing  activities, e.g. our partners and the Proximus Group. Such third parties only have access to this data on a need-to-know basis, to enable them to  perform their task on our behalf. 

In some cases, Davinsi Labs NV enlists the services of subcontractors located outside the European Economic Space. Davinsi Labs NV only  works with subcontractors from countries that the European Commission deems able to guarantee a suitable level of protection, or with  subcontractors which are bound by the standard provisions approved by the European Commission. 

For the rest, we do not give the collected data to third parties, unless we explicitly state that this is required for a specific action, or unless we are required by law to provide said data, e.g. at the request of the competent legal authorities in the framework of a judicial investigation. 

Specific information on privacy for professional customers and their end users 

By professional customers we mean large companies with 10 or more employees, and public authorities. When a professional customer uses  Davinsi Labs NV services and products, the specific provisions of this chapter will apply. 

Davinsi Labs NV as data controller 

Davinsi Labs NV acts as a data controller for the identification and contact data of the customer’s contact persons which is collected by Davinsi  Labs NV, and for data generated by the use that the customer and its end users make of Davinsi Labs’ electronic communication services, e.g.  metadata relating to communication traffic. 

Davinsi Labs NV delegates to professional customers the obligation to provide the following important information to its end users: 

information about the processing of personal data of end users by Davinsi Labs NV, which acts as a data controller for the purposes  mentioned in the paragraph above; 

the way in which users can exercise their rights with regard to their personal data, as described further in this chapter; 
the retention period of the personal data collected by Davinsi Labs: personal data is stored for a maximum of 10 years after the contract  with the customer ends. 

Davinsi Labs NV as data processor 

Davinsi Labs NV acts as a data processor whenever it processes personal data at the customer’s request. This is the case for personal data:

  • when the customer stores personal data;
  • when the customer enters in a tool made available by Davinsi Labs;

The end users have the right to access, rectify and delete their personal data. They can do this by sending a request (dated and signed). Each request must be accompanied by a copy of the identity card. 

Your privacy preference 

Below, you can read how you can inform Davinsi Labs of your privacy preferences. We do our best to update our systems and databases as  quickly as possible, but keep in mind that it does take some time to put your preference into practice. 

Your right to access, rectify and delete 

You have the right to access, rectify, and delete your personal data. To do so, send a request (dated and signed) with a copy of your identity card. 

Data protection authority 

You have the right to lodge a complaint with the data protection authority. For more information, see 

Changes in our privacy policy 

Our privacy policy may be extended or adapted in the future (for example, to accommodate new developments). For this reason, we recommend  that you consult this privacy policy regularly. 

Contact details of the Davinsi Labs NV Data Protection Officer 

If you have questions about Davinsi Labs NV privacy policy, you can contact Davinsi Labs NV’s Data Protection Officer. Contact details: 

Contact: Stephen Corbiaux 

E-mail: dpo[at] 

Address: Borsbeeksebrug 28 – 2nd floor, 2600 Berchem (Antwerp), Belgium