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Annual charity action raises 2000 EUR for VZW Villa Max

Mar 13, 2024
Written by Davinsi Labs

Davinsi Labs has donated 2000 EUR to VZW Villa Max as part of its annual charity campaign with customers. This contribution was raised through a special campaign held during the first months of the year. While customers are traditionally thanked with gifts during this period, Davinsi Labs has opted for a different approach in recent years, providing customers with the opportunity to support a good cause.

In addition to the contributions from Davinsi Labs' valued customers, the company has made an additional donation to reach a total of 2000 EUR for VZW Villa Max. This donation will support Villa Max's initiatives, offering families with seriously ill children a unique and cost-free holiday experience.

Villa Max not only provides (medical) care but also ensures that families have a fulfilling holiday, making a positive impact on their lives.

It's with a warm heart that Davinsi Labs contributes to Villa Max's meaningful initiative and their activities for families.

More information about VZW Villa Max:

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