Looking forward to 2021

Jan 18, 2021
Written by Davinsi Labs

Bye bye 2020

A new year, with new opportunities! Don’t we have to believe in this more than ever? Many of us probably don’t mind leaving 2020 behind. Our levels of imagination and creativity were challenged to make sure it wasn’t a lost year.  But we’re not the type of company that lives in the past, we’ve always been that excited “What’s next?” organization. True change and innovation belong to the future, so that is where we want to be heading. And in that future, we see a huge place for our “Digital Service Excellence” mission…

Accelerated Digitalization

Last year did something that few people thought possible. An already fast pace of digital innovation and transformation exponentially accelerated: takeaway food services, remote working, digital presence for brick-and-mortar shops, online dance festivals, virtual trade shows, mass online social events, … and this is just a very small sample. More than ever our digital lifestyle and our digital way of doing business have cemented themselves as the only way forward. We believe this trend will continue in 2021, creating a lot of opportunities but also some challenges.

Performing at scale

We often discuss internally what we call luxury problems. Having too much traffic, or growing too fast, doubling your business, … don’t we all want those issues this new year? Or any year for that matter?
Of course, but make sure you are ready. Digital services can double overnight, but that also multiplies their importance (downtime has a double impact) and the expectations (customers demand a flawless experience). Helping our customers with making their digital services perform at scale (through in-depth operational intelligence) is one of our main focus points for 2021.

Keeping the faith

We see many companies transforming themselves into a digital service provider. This brings a lot of responsibilities. Not only does a digital service provider need to be there when users expect it, but you also need to act as the guardian of their data. Whether it is an internal employee service, a consumer service or a business-to-business service, data that is exchanged must be extremely protected. The moment users lose faith in their digital service provider to protect their information, they will abandon the service. Helping our customers to earn and keep that trust from their users, by implementing both proactive and reactive security intelligence solutions, is another of our key focus points for 2021.

The Davinsi Labs answer

So how are we going to meet this unprecedented demand?
Everyone knows there is a huge shortage of qualified people in our industry. Something we experience first hand due to our rapid growth and continued success. Therefore we are going to double down on three initiatives:

First of all, we are going all-in on our Managed Services offering to deliver extended Security Intelligence and Service Intelligence services to unburden our customers. The only way for us (as an industry) to be able to keep up with demand is by sharing the available knowledge, experience, and resources across customers. As a modern MSP, built from the ground up with today’s challenges in mind, we are a true extension of your team. In 2021, we will focus on expanding our managed services offering in all directions: more capabilities per service, the addition of more services to our MSP portfolio, and a higher overall customer experience.

The second initiative is operational excellence. For us, operational excellence is not just about becoming hyper-efficient in what we do, but also in making sure every team member is happy (in their job). They should do what they love to do, feel encouraged, and develop in a team that challenges them. Also we want them to feel supported and get more from working at Davinsi Labs than just a paycheck. In 2021, we will further improve the work-life balance. We want to fully understand how we can implement “work anywhere, any time” to provide the team with the best possible environment that empowers them to do their best work and be their best selves.

The third initiative is our Davinsi Labs Academy. We will double our investment in our internal program to find, train, and coach young high potentials. Our goal with the Davinsi Labs Academy is to ensure that young talent can achieve career success at a rapid pace. This, of course, always in combination with the mantra work hard/play harder Davinsi Labs has become quite “infamous” for. ?

With our focus on these three growth initiatives, we believe we will be well equipped to assist our customers with their Digital Service Excellence intentions for 2021!

So to 2021: just bring it, we are ready!

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