Blog: The scale-up challenge and the North Star

The scale-up challenge and the North Star

Feb 08, 2023
Written by Davinsi Labs

What a year

It was that time of the year again. At the end of January we got together for our yearly Davinsi Labs New Year Gala. This time the MAS Museum provided the perfect decor to celebrate 2022 as our best year to date. Looking at the Antwerp skyline from the 9th floor, we couldn’t be any prouder.

What makes this Gala such an important tradition at Davinsi Labs is that we also celebrate the “significant other”. The partners are invited to join us on this evening so we can say thank you. We understand very well that it is impossible to do the very demanding job we do without their support. We will never forget that or take that for granted.

And, we have to admit, it is just so much fun to see the team show up “dressed to impress”. The tuxedos, bow ties, evening gowns and shiny shoes are the opposite of the casual dress code we follow in the office.

Again great memories were created as we danced the night away in style.


What’s next

So, where do you go after such an amazing year? Well, the only way is up. We have big plans to expand our services in 2023. Our North Star has always been to become the de facto big data analytics & intelligence partner for our customers. Today we are proud to be that trusted partner with our portfolio of Security Intelligence and Operational Intelligence managed services. But we can do more …

This year we will expand that portfolio with Business Intelligence solutions. We ingest and process terabytes of data every day for our customers. That exact same data we use for security and/or operational intelligence is full of in-depth business insights that are not used today. We are going to uncover those insights and provide the digital service owner a near real-time business cockpit from where to manage their service and make well-informed decisions. Stay tuned for more details soon.


The scale-up challenge

This of course brings us to the next question: is it even possible to scale up in an industry with huge skill shortages? We are confident we can. We have defined 5 key initiatives for 2023 that we believe will help us to address this challenge:

01. Managed Services

In order to meet the demand, we have to share the available knowledge and expertise across multiple customers. Further development of our managed services portfolio will make sure everybody can benefit from our experience and resources in deploying advanced digital service intelligence solutions.

02. Advanced Automation

Anything that is repeatable must be translated into an automated workflow. Best practices and optimized processes as defined by experts must be subject to automation. Not only will this provide execution at machine speed, it will also increase consistency and therefor the quality of service.

03. Artificial Intelligence

With the huge advances made in artificial intelligence in the last few years, we will finally see computer-assisted reasoning reach the mainstream intelligence services. This should help us uncover intelligence by providing answers to questions we didn’t ask.

04. Attracting talent to fuel industry growth

If we want to grow as an industry, we need to attract more people to join us. Not only from an early age through education, but also for people who want to make a switch later in their career. We will be launching a number of initiatives to promote the amazing work we do to help run and protect the digital lifestyle of millions of people. Intelligence is sexy!

05. Empower People

We always had one promise: if you are interested in building intelligence-based solutions, we will provide you with the best possible environment to reach your maximum potential. A place where your passion is shared by all your colleagues and not a single day will feel like work. We want a work environment that colleagues enjoy being a part of. We strive to be the best place to work for. More than ever we will double down on this promise.


One last thing

In the second half of 2022 we worked hard on something big that will take us a huge step forward. A new milestone for our organization that will definitely propel us to the next level and enable us to accelerate our ambition of becoming the de facto partner for digital service intelligence. We're not quite ready to pull back the curtains just yet, but keep an eye on this space. More announcements coming soon!

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