Davinsi Labs and Rapid7 simplify the complex thanks to the Rapid7 Insight Platform. The Insight Platform not only detects and assesses vulnerabilities, but also monitors malicious behavior, investigates and shuts down attacks, and automates routine tasks. It’s the perfect technology foundation for our Vulnerability Managed Services, Managed Detection and Response, and Application Security services. 


Learn how to reduce vulnerabilities across your ecosystem and evolve toward a modern vulnerability risk management program. Download whitepaper “4 key pillars of modern Vulnerability Risk Management”.

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From discovery to solution

Vulnerability Management Services

There will always be vulnerabilities. The question is, will you detect and fix them first, or will hackers do it for you? Today, security teams face a major challenge to stay ahead and keep up with the growing number of vulnerabilities. To maximize your chances of winning the race, our Vulnerability Managed Services (VMS) can help you automatically assess and understand risks across your entire infrastructure. Overcoming those risks is possible by fully understanding what is happening through shared visibility, analytics, and automation.

That’s precisely why we use Rapid7’s InsightVM: 

  • It leverages the latest analytics and endpoint technology to discover vulnerabilities in a real-time view;
  • It pinpoints where vulnerabilities are located;
  • It prioritizes vulnerabilities for your busi­ness; 
  • And eventually, it confirms that your exposure has been reduced.

SOC around the clock

Managed Detection and Response

Our Managed Detection and Response service is the perfect turnkey solution for the growing needs in advanced threat detection and response. It secures your business around the clock, thanks to the modern 24/7 Security Operations Center, its advanced detection technology, and the best security staff our industry has. This way, you can focus on your business during the day and sleep perfectly during the night!

InsightIDR operates as a detection and investigation solution to identify every compromise and complete an investigation before things get out of control. By constantly analyzing both user and attacker behavior, this Rapid7 technology detects security threats as early as possible. This intelligent cloud platform is constantly updated with newly discovered attacker techniques and behavior detections that are pushed out to automatically match against your data. 


Digital service vulnerabilities: managed and under control

Staying ahead and keeping up with the growing number of vulnerabilities sometimes feels like a never-ending battle, but overcoming risk is possible by understanding it. Download this webinar where our security experts explain how, followed by a demo of Insight VM.

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Secure and always available web apps

Application Security

Web applications are often business-critical and must be secure and available at all times. Applications might be complex, but your application security testing tool doesn’t have to be. On the contrary, it should be easy, fast, and reliable. That’s why we use Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST). A rather complex name for a not-so-complex approach. DAST mimics attacks on your applications, fully controlled, of course, so that we can detect security weaknesses. We try to gain access to your app and the user data it hosts. 

Rapid7’s DAST tool - InsightAppSec - requires no installation of on-premise components. Instead, developers can simply log in and start scanning for vulnerabilities. The platform provides detailed technical information on each identified vulnerability, along with some recommendations for remediation. In addition, you can generate customized vulnerability reports for different business stakeholders.

Curious about the resilience of your applications?

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